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Scott Safety, LLC can help your crew stay in full compliance with all local and state DOT regulations. In South Florida, we’ve developed a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and unmatched expertise. Choose Scott Safety for all of your traffic control devices and services, and experience the difference that a dependable partner can make.

Our Dependable Traffic Control Services

At Scott Safety, LLC, you’ll find a full range of customer-driven traffic control solutions. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, dependability, and unmatched customer service. We welcome questions from our customers about local and state DOT regulations, and are always happy to offer personalized recommendations for traffic control devices to suit any type of project.

Road Signage

Traffic Control Flagging & Temporary Traffic Control

Traffic control flagging and temporary traffic control devices are an essential feature on any road construction project. Used to warn motorists of the work zone, direct traffic into open lanes, and usher traffic and pedestrians into detours, these devices must always be dependable and highly visible. When you work with Scott Safety, you can rest assured that our traffic control flagging and temporary traffic control devices will perform as needed every time.
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Overhead Line Maintenance

Overhead Line Maintenance

Does your utility crew need to access overhead or underground utility lines on a highway or city road? Scott Safety’s Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) crew can reliably establish temporary road closures and mobile multi-lane closures. We’ll ensure that your crew can safely and securely access your work zone without causing undue disruption to the flow of traffic.
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Emergency Road Services

Emergency Services

By nature, emergencies are unpredictable. When they happen, a swift response is necessary to minimize the disruption to everyday life. You can trust Scott Safety to execute a rapid response to all types of emergencies. If you need temporary barricades or lane closures established because of car accidents, environmental disasters, water main breaks, gas leaks, utility line outages, or storm damage, you can rely on our experienced team to get the job done quickly.
Road work ahead sign

Road Signage Manufacturing & Installation

Scott Safety offers both standard and custom made-to-order road signage available for rent or purchase. We even offer installation services.
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Traffic Control

Event Services

Are you planning a festival, bike or foot race, or other community event? You’ll need to plan on erecting traffic control devices and barricades to protect your event-goers and show them where to go. We can offer personalized recommendations for your event, along with delivery, set-up, and tear-down.
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MOT Planning

MOT Planning & Permitting

Obtaining permits can be a hassle, unless you work with the team at Scott Safety. We are FDOT certified to develop all MOT plans for various types of projects. Our experienced MOT professionals will cut through the red tape to get your permits approved quickly.

Contact Scott Safety Before Your Next Project

Scott Safety, LLC is the local leader in supplying asphalt and paving contractors, municipality road and bridge departments, engineering firms, utility companies, and civil contractors with the high-quality, dependable traffic zone supplies they need to get their projects completed safely. With a vast inventory of supplies and equipment available, our team is pleased to provide expert recommendations and guidance for your next project. In addition to our competitive prices on all purchases, we’re pleased to offer unbeatable rental options.

Call us at 833-SAFE-HWY or email info@scottsafetyfl.com for help planning your next construction project.

Our Full Inventory of Traffic Control Equipment and Supplies

When you choose Scott Safety, LLC to be your provider of traffic control devices, you can rest assured that our team of experts will help you stay in full compliance with all applicable local and state DOT regulations. Our experts are certified and focused on providing exceptional customer service. We’ll help you create a safe traffic zone for every type of construction project or lane closure event. When you work with our family-operated company, you can choose from convenient rental agreements or simply purchase the equipment and supplies outright.

Barricades & Channelizing Devices

Work zone barricades protect the lives of your workers, while channelizing devices allow the flow of traffic to smoothly and gradually transition from one lane to another, or to go into a designated detour. At Scott Safety, we offer a full inventory of barricades and channelizing devices, including:

  • Type 1, 2, & 3 Barricades

  • Traffic Cones

  • Drums

  • Water Filled Barricades

  • Airport Barricades

  • Portable Rumble Strips

  • Pedistrian Barricades

  • Flixible Delineators

Trailer Mounted Equipment

By nature, work zones are temporary. When establishing a work zone, it’s ideal to use trailer-mounted equipment that can be easily moved from place to place. The trailer-mounted traffic control devices you’ll find at Scott Safety include the following:

  • Trailer Mounted Light Tower/Generators

  • Arrow Boards

  • Message Boards

  • Radar Display Devices

  • Portable Traffic Signals

  • Speed Limit Sign Trailers

Concrete Barrier Installation & Rentals

Often, it’s necessary to place temporary barricades between active lanes of traffic and the designated work zone. At Scott Safety, you can choose from the following:

  • K-Rail Barriers – K-rail barriers have a base of at least 18 inches, tapering upward to half their width. This design allows wayward vehicle tires to travel up the slope briefly before being placed on the proper driving path. We recommend K-rail barriers for parking lots and perimeter security.

  • J-Wall Barricades – Jersey barricades, or J-walls, are ideal for creating separation between lanes of traffic on highways and work zones. They effectively eliminate vehicle crossovers while reducing the risk of vehicular damage.

  • Low Profile Concrete Barrier Wall – These barricades are suitable for work zones established in areas in which the speed limit is 45 mph or less.

Road Signage

Efficient traffic control begins with erecting the proper road signage that complies with DOT regulations. Scott Safety offers all types of road signage for your next project, including the following:

  • Post Mounted Road Signage

  • Temporary Mesh Signs

  • Portable Metal Signs

Truck Mounted Equipment

An attenuator truck is a must-have on any road construction project. Without one, the lives of your workers are at a higher risk. Attenuator trucks are designed to effectively absorb the kinetic energy of an impact. Scott Safety is pleased to provide attenuator trucks for your operations.

  • Trucks with Attenuators for Mobile Operations

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“Everything was great! The course is marked off extremely well and your guys are very professional and friendly. We will definitely be using you at future events if you’re available!!” -Joe D.

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Scott Safety is the traffic control service provider of choice for contractors, municipality departments, utility companies, and similar entities throughout Southwest Florida. Our team is FDOT certified, which means you can trust our expertise and installation skills. We offer a full inventory of traffic control devices and equipment, as well as a complete spectrum of traffic control services like MOT planning and permitting, and emergency services. At Scott Safety, it’s our mission to ensure that your project is in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

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